Volksfest Australia 2023 Event T-shirt – Kombi


Volksfest Australia 2023 Event T-Shirt – Kombi

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David Warszawski is one of our international followers from Florida USA. He has a huge following on Instagram and sent this photo in with his entry for Volksfest Australia. David’s amazing Baywindow looks like it’s on the shores of Lake Macquarie home of Volksfest Australia.

Volksfest Australia Festival Shirts Volume 1 for 2023 are designed with the Holiday Snap look, that captures the theme for our Festival – Volkswagen Vacation. This collection of 4 designs covers 4 different areas of the Volkswagen Community allowing you to choose your favourite or take one of each to have the perfect set and collection of Festival shirts.

This style and tradition will continue for years to come as we ask our entrants to submit their Holiday Snaps for the next 2 years to be then entered in the chance to be represented on the 2025 Volksfest Australia’s Festival Shirt Volume 2.